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May 31, 2012

Several states and cities have restrictions on police batons. Below is a list of locations where only Police Officers may carry these batons.

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Washington DC

As you’ll see in most any state listed on this site any impact device carried with the intent to be used as a weapon can be interpreted as a billy club.

The above list is the locations where I have found specific laws prohibiting the carrying of expandable (ASP type) batons by non Law Enforcement Personnel.


  • David says:

    While on vacation in washington dc I had a security gard take my baton while entering the air and space museum . he informedme that it was illegall to have one in DC. I told him that I was from PA . and did not know that it was illegal . He informed me that he was confisating it from me . I ased if I could get it back and he said ” NO ” . Was this legal for him to do ?

  • Tom says:

    Without asking a lawyer it’s hard to say. But the short answer, and my best guess is, Yes. They have an obligation to keep weapons that violate their law (ridiculous as it may be) off the streets of their city. honestly he could have cited you, or even arrested you – so the alternative was probably the best option. I hope it wasn’t expensive… This is a great site – I hope the next person finds it before they get their stuff taken. I just wish they would update the last few states…

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